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REMROAD | Black Friday: Sorteo del mejor set-up de la historia

Nos hemos juntado con los mejores para crear el primer set-up on the go más loco de la historia y, encima, sortearlo. Por que para hacer algo típico, mejor no hacerlo. Aprovecha los descuentos inigualables de productos Remotto.

Battery Pack for PS4 and PS5

When you play with it, nothing is the same again

Game the Moment

Every second is a gift. Stay focused, enjoy as much as you can and don't worry about anything.


The first all-in-one magnetic battery pack for Nintendo Switch.

Fix all your gaming problems

- Charge without interruptions

- Without cables attaching you to the screen

- Without cable tangles and pullings

Remotto Duos

The ultimate wireless gaming headset.
No latency, no headbands. High quality sound and microphone.

The Remotto Ecosystem

All our products are focused on Gaming Comfort, Motion and Immersion.